Old Memories

This is a winter day in my home town of Durham, NC that I would guess the time in the early 1960’s. Obviously good times….the kids have new bicycles and good clothes, the store is a hub of commerce.

One kid’s wagon is in front of the mail box. I too used to have a red Flexible Flyer wagon.

The sign that has Long Meadow Milk was a very familiar brand back then. We called these stores “cow stores”.

The curbs on the street are granite rock. Much of Durham had granite curbing.

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Rock Chef said...

That is a great photo. We have one of those trucks - it is great! We use it to carry all sorts of stuff.

Ken said...

Always made a trip to the "corner store".

That is a great picture.

Unknown said...

Cool pic.

I'm thinkin' it might have been taken from inside a phone booth.

Judy said...

I enjoyed this. Brought back memories.

terri said...

Cool. I love old photos.