The Eagle has landed

I waited until I was safely at 30,000 feet before I make this claim. Gigi is with me at last, and we are flying to St Croix.

She has been doing very well but I know it is a struggle for her. I see a huge improvement since the surgery, but i know the tiny baby steps must be discouraging if you are the one racked with pain.

I always seem to sit near a guy that shuffles cards. I don't see the appeal. Oh great. Now the guy behind me is shuffling cards.

Arrive in the city.

My new tanks and new wet suit.

View from lunch.

Sunrise at the villa.

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Judy said...

Oh, such familiar sights. Love seeing your pictures and hearing how it is all going. Thinking you all!

terri said...

It looks beautiful and warm. Have a great time. I hope the week goes slowly and you're able to squeeze every bit of fun out of it.

Unknown said...

I rilly, rilly, rilly want to hang out at a villa.