Gigi Udate II

I am happy to report that Gigi seems to have turned the corner after 4 months of recovery.

We were told from the onset that this procedure would have a year recovery at best. We were unprepared for the slowness and frequent setbacks….the intense pain and the drugs used to control that pain.

She is mending nicely, meds are adjusted and she was fitted with a tens unit that helps her deal with pain.

She is walking better and her mobility is improving.

And yes, she will be traveling to St Croix on Saturday. 

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Rock Chef said...

Good to hear this - hope you both have fun on holiday!

Unknown said...

Happy happy joy joy!

Ken said...

Good news mon!

terri said...

I'm so glad to hear that Gigi continues to improve. Clearly it takes not just physical endurance but emotional strength to get through this. Hope all continues to go well.