If Given a Choice….

I prefer the extra pulp orange juice over the standard or no pulp offering.  Yesterday I was grocery shopping at the orange juice cooler and a woman grabbed a no pulp OJ. I quickly grabbed the extra pulp OJ and thanked her for my free extra pulp. She got it and smiled.

I prefer a nice blended red wine over a single grape wine….at least at my price point. My new favorite red is bold, fruity, and affordable at $10 a bottle…less at Costco. It is  Apothic Red.  

I prefer California wines over all other offerings. South Africa is second followed by Australian.

I clearly prefer Jasmine long grain rice over all others. It has a unique taste. Get a bag and try it. 

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terri said...

I drink no-pulp O.J. When I was a kid, they didn't make it that way. We had a little strainer in our kitchen and I would pour my orange juice through it before I would drink it.

I don't drink enough wine to know what kind I prefer, but it's probably safe to say it's not the good stuff.

We are in agreement about Jasmine rice. YUM!

Unknown said...

Can I mix the orange juice and the wine and the rice together, kinda like a porridge?

Ken said...

Pulp-less in Tennessee.