Final Day

Yesterday was my final day and as tradition holds we go into town and do a little last minute visiting, shopping, and might even have a beer or two.

My buddy at The Pickled Greek has his place looking good. A nice visit with an old friend almost two years sober. He is no longer pickled.

A walk through the park on the edge of town.

One of my favorite bars, The Comanche Mill Yacht-less Club.

They have semi fresh pizza by the slice.

And a colorful dining area.

Located on the boardwalk.

The view through the deck bar.

The chickens and peepers walking around.

Gigi having a Coke and laugh.

Gigi bidding adieu.


Unknown said...

Blogging at its finest, sir.

You have taken me there.

But seriously...MIGHT have a beer or two?

terri said...

Over too soon!