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I am 27 pounds lighter since October 1.

I rarely eat carbohydrates….potatoes, bread, rice, corn but do indulge in a serving every  day.

I eat, and have learned to love a lot of fruit.

I eat lean meat….mostly pork and chicken and fish.

Fortunately, I love salads and veggies.

I never eat sweets so that was not an issue. I get most sugar from alcohol in wine.

I feel better. My blood pressure is normal. This is good.

There are a lot of clothes in my closet that fit once again. 

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Ken said...

Good job!
Really, that sounds doable!

Judy said...

That is great! I need to do the same.

Unknown said...

You might look good in a muu muu.....

terri said...

Way to go!

I need to work on eating better foods, eating on a normal schedule and developing a good exercise routine because I don't always feel really good, especially in winter. You've set a good example!