Rescue Diver

Last night I obtained my Rescue Diver certification, and by default I qualify as a Master Scuba Diver. This is to top of the recreational Padi food chain.

From here if I continue to study, I would either be working towards an instructor certification, or go down the path of a Tech Diver.

For now I plan to gain more experience and let the training soak in.

We have two last boat dives this morning and Gigi is riding along. Whales were seen yesterday and I hope they are still there.

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Location:Ms Bea Rd,,US Virgin Islands


Rock Chef said...

Congratulations on your new Rescue Hero status!

My kids used to have toy Rescue Heroes - they all looked like Arnie with different kit.

Ken said...

Master wReggie Tech.

Maybe you can put in a new pool and be the first to train chickens in underwater pecking. I'm sure Homeland Security Harbor Patrol could use suicide chickens.

Unknown said...

Is Ken trying to be funny?