Geezer Gas

Tonight I got my Nitrox Certification. Nitrox is a blend of oxygen and nitrogen that is heavy on the oxygen. The gasses are blended from a natural 21% which we all breathe, up to 40%.

Nitrox or enriched gas allows one to dive longer with less nitrogen loading. Used properly at the right depths, it can extend dives and leaves the diver a bit more refreshed.

It comes with risks of convulsions if used improperly. Therefore the classes are required.

It turns out the class was difficult, requiring manual tables for calculations and algebra. Shit.

But I passed. Now I can breathe geezer gas.   

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terri said...

Algebra? I had a hard enough time with it the first time around. I'm pretty sure I wouldn't remember a thing today.

Unknown said...

Just don't get it mixed up with your...ahem...methane gas.

Stacy said...

I only do math with a calculator. Makes my brain hurt.

Rock Chef said...

Don't they use that stuff to make cars go faster?