I Want One

A few weeks ago I sent off my underwater camera housing for my flip video. It takes super fantastic video, however the on/off button never worked properly. The manufacturer called me yesterday and they are repairing and shipping it back for free.

Thursday we have a nationally televised football game in town versus the Super Bowl Champions New York Giants. My truck is still full of crap from Sundays game.

Today….heavy rain. I hope my grass seeding efforts from last weekend don’t wash away.  

I have Sunday off from football so I might have to head up to the quarry to dive.

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Rock Chef said...

Is that real? Surely the greatest invention of all time!

Ken said...

So practical!

Unknown said...

I want one that throws hotdogs.

But I'm sure you knew that.

terri said...

That's for real??? I had to google it. I was sure it was a joke. I'm sure you'll have one soon enough!