How Can You Keep Phfrankie Busy?

Okay fellow propeller heads. Yesterday was the day Apple released operating system 6.0.

What this means is…fellow blogger Phfrankie Bondo can have Siri on account of he has an iPad three. Upgrade Bondo.

For me…. not as much. I have ancient, dilapidated hardware, some of which is TWO YEARS OLD! I know…it is embarrassing.

Alas my new iPhone 5 is being manufactured as I type, somewhere in China, and should be at my doorstep by October 5.

Until then rest assured that my iPad is talking to my iPhone, and my Mac is talking to my iPad and iPhone, and all three are in perfect harmony in the iCloud. 

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Unknown said...

I am now dating Siri.

Phfritzie is not jealous.

We have an open marriage.