Happy Dance

You know that great feeling one gets when one sees an email from Apple that an item just shipped from ZhengZhou, China? And it is coming to me? 

My iPhone 5, yes sirree.....or should I say, yes Siri?  Hahahaha....I'm am giddy. 

I love Apple products and I love tracking packages so this is kinda a super dooper moment for me. 

Soon I'll put old sparky iPhone 4 on the auction block and let some poor Soviet college student buy it. I can get around $200 for the old phone which is what I have in it. 

I am really excited about the camera because my iPhone is my camera. The camera on the phone has been vastly improved from the iPhone 4.

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Unknown said...

Is that a Chinaman on your head?

...just askin'.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

It is heaped on happy.

Ken said...

I'll give yo $50 for the antique.

terri said...

You're going to get $200 for your used iPhone 4? I think I paid $100 for mine through Verizon, but I was up for renewal of my contract, so that was a good deal. Still... good to know there's resale value!