One More Dive Trip Planned

The dive season is waning down, so I jumped at the chance when I saw one slot open on a late month charter.

I booked a ride on Aquatic Safaris out of Wilmington for late October. The dive is to The Hyde and The Markham, which are intact ships sunk in the late 1980s, for fishing and diving enjoyment, off the coast of North Carolina. (I try and spell out North Carolina because it is a beautiful and name and comes across so much better than NC)

This will likely be my 99th and 100th dive, so that is kind of big.

It will be my third attempt at diving The Hyde and Markham. The first time I booked and the weather got the best of us, so we never attempted the 20 mile ride. The second time I made it to the Markham, but the current was bad, and the visibility was almost zero. I did make it to The Hyde but just felt it up because the visibility was maybe a foot.

Quite possibly the third time will be a charm and I can get in two nice dives before dry suit season at the quarry.

This will be my first “cattle car” dive trip. There will be 18 divers on board, descending all at once.  

Finally, Gigi and I will be able to take the RV to Southport like the good old days. It has been over a year since Gigi and I have camped. 

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terri said...

I hope you have good conditions for these dives! 99 and 100! That's exciting!