A New Chapter

Yesterday I opened a new chapter in my life by becoming an American Hobo. Trust me, it was a baby step. I jumped a train.

It was all quite inadvertent. I had my money in my hand and was in line at the train station. I was behind some ancient fossil who couldn't work the ticket machine. The train pulled in the station and I said what the heck and jumped on board with my two dollars crushed in the palm of my hand.

Ready to jump in plain sight of the bulls

Suddenly there I was, riding the rails. Care free and craving cigarette butts and beans….I mean snipes and bullets.  

Oh I still have the slang and secret languages and signs to learn. I don’t even have a bindle but I think Ralph Lauren makes some really nice ones. 

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Ken said...

Funny, I just told someone yesterday the story of my first real boxcar from Bend, Oregon to Pasco, Washington by hobo rail.

Unknown said...

Did you have a 5 o'clock shadow?

Rock Chef said...

This is what Obama has done to good, honest Americans!