My Quarry Vacation

I am lucky to have this little dive resort so close to my home. For $70 a year I get access to decent inland diving 24/7. It is the Piedmont Divers Rescue Association, and Ken's brother makes the flags. We have three quarries in all but I usually dive the Lake Norman Quarry. We call it The Quarribean.

The facilities are nice. We gave fake ocean breezes to keep us cool while getting in and out of wet suits or having meals.

This is another staging area. There is enough room for 20 divers in this one area and we have many such staging areas.

Often after a dive we fire up the gas grill and break bread and have a beer.

We even have a fake boat where one can practice the giant stride technique for getting in the water.

From this deck, you can grab some rays and watch everyone in the quarry.

Sometimes I just drive after a dive to my regular watering hole for a beer and a take home supper. It is a good way to spend a Sunday afternoon. It was dive 95.


Rock Chef said...

That is a very nice looking Quarry. I had visions of somrthing far more functional!

Ken said...

I didn't realize it was such an extravagant set up. Have you considered growing grass and goose poop or will that fowl the water?

Unknown said...

If the watering hole was under water, and it was all sleazy and such, you could call it a 'dive' bar.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

We have camping areas, electricity, running quarry water, out house, changing rooms, locked storage, gravel parking lot, all contained within a tall chain link fence.