My Thought on The President

I have given it some thought, and the following is why I doubt I will vote for President Obama:

The debt has gone from 10 trillion to 16 trillion in just 4 years.

Joe Biden is VP and he is an idiot. At least be smart enough to appoint a new VP.

Gas was $1.85 a gallon when you took office. Now it is close to $4.

The debt has gone from 10 trillion to 16 trillion in just 4 years.

Medium income was $54,000 four years ago. Now it is $50,000. This is middle class and you claim to love the middle class. You are hurting the middle class.

The unemployment rate is higher now than 4 years ago.

The economy is stagnate and has not grown.

You spent 800,000 billion dollars for a stimulus, and gave the money to state and local governments and Solyndra. It stimulated pavers and ditch diggers until the money ran out. Solyndra just pissed theirs away.  

More people are getting food stamps now that ever in history.

The debt has gone from 10 trillion to 16 trillion in just 4 years. This I can’t get over.

So many people now don’t work because they know they can get by on handouts. That is sad to me.

The president said, “My success was not because of me, but it was because of the government helping me”. That is a personal insult at so many levels.

You are a socialist and I am not a socialist. United Socialist States of America (USSA) does not appeal to me. I want to reverse this trend before we can’t reverse it.

General Motors was nationalized. This is what socialist countries do and I am not a socialist. Then you forced a product called the Volt that no one wanted. Manufacture of the cars is suspended and another colossal waste of dollars.  

Americans have no idea how to plan for future taxation. This is bad for everyone. Are the rates going up? Will they stay the same. If one don’t pay taxes like most of your voters then it doesn’t matter. But to those of us who drive the economy it matters greatly.   

You have set up class warfare…it is us vs. them. This is not good. It causes conflict.

If you get reelected Mr. President, and the debt goes to 22 trillion….we are toast….in our lifetime. I am not willing to assume otherwise based on your track record.

No one to this day understands the new health care plan…but I know we can’t afford it. Someone explain it to me.

The debt has gone from 10 trillion to 16 trillion in just 4 years.

Mr. President…you do not understand a modern economy.  Your concept of jobs is a model of 70 years ago. This is so sad for all of us.  

You claim college is more affordable? The tuition goes ups every year. This is spin.  

We desperately need jobs but you don’t know the environment needed to create jobs.

Ten years ago the auto industry employed 1.2 million. Now it is 780,000. This is not a recovery.

As much as everyone admires Michelle Obama….she is not the President.

It is abuse of power and unconstitutional to appoint Czars with great powers accountable only to The President. 

This is just not a good track record where a reasonable person can say, "Job well done, stick around and do it again".

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Gigi said...

It is no wonder everyone seems to be at a Complete & utter standstill in their lives right now !
Sad & So true .

Rock Chef said...

I tend to see a bad VP as a good flak jacket.

"HAHA - kill me and look who you get instead!"

Ken said...

Yeah, it's a tough call for a lot of people. Not me!

Unknown said...


'Nuff said.