Special Times

Big doings today...but first this is a day of remembrance. One year has passed since Gigi’s monumental surgery.  She has come a long way since then. It seems her next surgery will be postponed due to some test result. We’ll find out today.

This afternoon my iPhone five will be delivered.  I have watched my iPhone be manufactured and shipped from ZhengZhou, China, and shipped to Incheon, Korea, then on to Anchorage, AK, then to Louisville, KY, on to Greensboro, NC  where it will likely end up in Monroe, NC and then be out for delivery today to Midland, NC. That is so cool. What a small world and such an efficient logistics/delivery system.

Yesterday we discovered that Costco sells a bolt on bidet that has a heated seat, heated water, and a blow dryer built into one system.

They even had a demo on the floor.

Tomorrow Gigi and I are headed out of town for some R and R time together and plan on seeing some leaves change colors. Sounds like the Mountains of North Carolina. 

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Rock Chef said...

Was that a year ago? Wow, hope the next year goes a bit more slowly!

Hope the test result is good.

Hm, better keep the bidet thing quiet, I know someone who would love one!

Unknown said...

In the immortal words of some country singer who's name cannot for the life of me remember:

Time marches on.

terri said...

It's been a year already?

Enjoy your R&R with your lovely bride!