Why Do I Do What I Do?

Because there are actually assholes just like this, and I have worked for several of them. There is so much to more to happiness than an $80,000 car, big house and gold watch.

I tried to be a dick like them, but it wasn't natural. Once I got so angry in a public chewing that I took a swing at my boss, and barely missed. It is hard to get a good punch in from a swivel chair. He enjoyed the encounter and brass balls I showed. 

Alas, I set myself free in 1992 and have rarely looked back. 

When I ran across this video, I realized once again my decision was correct, then, and now. 

I have been in this room too many times but I am free and love my life. I have enough, and more than most.

Oh, and throw in one more thing. My father on his death bed told me similar tales of sales and he had regrets. He couldn't get his time back, but I could, so I did. 

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Rock Chef said...

I could not work in an environment like that. We spend too much of our lives working to do something that we hate...

Unknown said...

I would be content in an $80,000 HOUSE.

Ken said...

Aluminum balls are lighter.