I don't much care for onion rings. I like to smell them, and they look swell. Skinny ones, fat ones, fake ones, I have tried them all. Just not worth the calories.

But it sounds like a great idea and people seem to universally like onion rings.

Perhaps my favorite onion rings are the ones out of a know like the ones old ladies put on green bean casserole. 

I will say categorically that I do not like fried pickles. No way, no how. 

But I do love a good egg salad sandwich.

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Rock Chef said...

I love them, especially dipped in BBQ sauce. Hang the calories, I can burn them off on the bike!

Unknown said...

What's a calorie?

Rock Chef said...

A Calorie is a measure of 2 things.

1) how fat something will make you if you eat too much of it.

2) how good it tastes.

Unknown said...

I think I like calories.

terri said...

I resent you calling me an old lady! ;-)

I love onion rings. I love fried pickles. And I love egg salad sandwiches.