The Fiscal Cliff

What it means to me?

If we go over the cliff, we revert back to Clinton tax rates. Everyone seemed to love Clinton, so what is the problem? It was good then….it should be good now. Everyone should have to pay taxes.

If we go over the cliff, we pay more taxes. Democrats want more taxes, so what is the problem? Everyone should share in the national joy and pride of paying taxes no matter how small your income is.

If we go over the cliff, there will be major spending cuts in the federal budgets. Republicans want big spending curs, so what is the problem?  The budget is too bloated with entitlements now. Room has to be made to accommodate the affordable health care act. It is law, and we have to get the funding from somewhere.  

If we go over the cliff, unemployment benefits for those who have been on unemployment benefits for 2 plus years will stop. So what is wrong with that? These people clearly are in the wrong industry or location to find work. There is work to be done and we know what level of income it takes to sustain them, from looking at their last two years of benefits.  

If we go over the cliff, we will stop rewarding the underachievers and unsuccessful behavior that so many Americans enjoy.

If we go over the cliff, we stop punishing successful behavior. Everyone shares in their success and failure of our economy and national interests.

If we go over the cliff, it will be the reality of the last 12 years coming to fruition. 

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Ken said...

Sounds good from that perspective but what you leave out is the FACT that wages have stopped going up since the Clinton years. Benefits/insurance etc., to the working class have gone down since the Clinton years and the cost of food and electric and all services including gas have skyrocketed up. So....the working middle class is going down a long, blurry slow road to oblivion, so to add the amount of added tax to that public if we go over the "cliff" is a hefty kick to the curb to the WORKING class in my humble opinion.