This Could Be The Best Christmas

This is making its way to be the best Christmas in my middle aged/newly elderly life.

Gone are the endless parties and overindulgence in food and drink. Replaced are evening times quietly at home and a good nights sleep.

No traveling this year either...just me and Gigi.

Gone is her family for this year who's idea of holiday celebration is quite a bit different from most any American culture. They don't take any time outs for conflict and merrily pick apart each other like sport.

They'll be no sitting on the porch to avoid an asthma attack from cats that hate us.

Meals will be served and they will be special and well prepared.

Hugs and kisses will be sincere.

This is going to be nice.


Rock Chef said...

Sounds perfect after the year you have had! sending sincere Christmas wishes for you both.

Unknown said...

Will there be bacon?

Ken said...

A nice calm holiday, my favorite kind.

terri said...

I love it. Merry Christmas, my friend!