The Undead

I lost another hen yesterday. She was just lying in the coop like she had killed over in her sleep.

So as usual, I remove the body and toss it on the burn pile...ah I mean gently lay it on the funeral fire so it can go on to rainbow bridge. I think they let chickens in at Rainbow Bridge.

Any how, I go out this frosty morning and the chicken is gone. The other chickens looked real spooked too.

So one can only logically assume that this chicken is undead and walks among the zombie population of our forest.

I gotta be careful up there from now on. I need to start toting my 12 gauge with me for sure.


Rock Chef said...

You will need to be a good shot - chickens have very small brains! :-)

Unknown said...

You can't kill a zombie chicken with a shotgun.

Play Sweet Home Alabama over the loudspeakers at full volume all night and the zombie chickens will all run away.

Ken said...

You need a new toy, a motion activated camera so you can catch the moment the dead become the undead.