Groceries and Stuff

I have never been to Washington State, Oregon, Idaho, or Colorado. I need to get on with it if I am going to visit. I don't pine much to go to Utah or some of the Great Plains square states. I am sure they are nice too.

Gigi is wanting to go to Europe so that is on the list too.

Now on to groceries....I had a list today and the last item on the list was toilet appropriate.

When I was leaving the market I noticed that people go barely through the door, and then pause to get their bearings. People, the the hell out of the door and clear a pathway so I can get on with my life too. Same thing for elevators.

Can you tell I worked today?


Ken said...

Yes I can!
Europe dude!
Charter a canal boat in France.
Fly to Rome, rent a car, wing it.
Austria and Germany, are incomparable.

I could go on, and on, and on.
Europe dude!

Unknown said...

I'd like to see Pacoima.

Ken said...

Careful what you wish for Phfrankie...