My 2 Cents

Like many things in modern human society I refuse to play along.

Two very popular trends these days are human misery, and victimization.

I suppose people find comfort, community, and belonging in both, but I find it disgusting.

There is nothing quite like a national tragedy that feeds the misery, and reliving of the misery, for weeks and years on end. People enjoy misery I suppose.

My comment, there has to be more attention given to restraining the dangerous element in this society among the mentally ill.

The rest of the story I prefer to digest and put it behind me.

So I will not be lighting candles and piling teddy bears anywhere. Life is too short to feed the misery.


Rock Chef said...

Sadly people like that rarely get any attention from anyone until they have done something extreme...

You had me confused at first, as another blog I read is called "My 2 Cents"!

Unknown said...

Where are the talking dog movies?