Excerpts from an Interview with a Whipworm

Mental Vacation - “So what are your plans for Christmas?

Whipworm - “I plan to just hang out in the large intestine.”

Mental Vacation - “Do you like Ringo?”

Whipworm - “Who?”

Mental Vacation - “Well, maybe that was before your time. So, do you have any vacation destinations on deck for the winter?”

Whipworm - “I plan on visiting the descending colon in the late winter with family.”

Mental Vacation - “Well that sounds exciting.”

Mental Vacation - "Tell me, does the thought of a chimpanzee breaking out of a zoo and attacking you, and consuming your face concern you at all?"

Whipworm - "No, I don't have a face".

Mental Vacation - "Space-X recently announced that they plan to colonize Mars in the next 20 years. Could you see yourself going to Mars?"

Whipworm - "Are there any dog intestines on Mars?"

Mental Vacation - "Well, recently scientisit have discovered what looks like traces of frozen dog intestines in ice crystal under the surface near the shady side of a crater. This could be reconstituted into a viable dog intestine by colonists."

Whipworm - "Yes, definitely I would be interested in going to Mars."

Mental Vacation - "Alright then, Thank you"


Unknown said...

Sounds like somebody got into the absinthe.

Ken said...

Did they legalize something in North Carolina?

Unknown said...

This is my favorite post.