A Short Film

I didn't shoot much video on St Croix…I was too busy doing other things. I did manage to shoot this short section of video mainly to test out the camera. I hate this camera and will sell it on eBay and get a Go Pro. It was one of the rare times I bought in to the wrong technology. 

As it starts we are all floating on the surface getting last minute instructions. Isn't Reliance beautiful on the blue water?  No filter used, the water is that blue.

We drop and descend toward the bottom. You hear my breathing and then a few bursts of air being inflated in my wing. This stops me from dropping further. At this point we are about 40 feet and getting out bearings. 

As I go down, I put on a lens filter to bring in the colors at depth. Later I removed the lens just to see the difference.

At 2:17 into this epic film….I burp. Sorry.

The rest is surface film as we chase a whale but he never surfaces again. This was a big whale. 

The majority of my time was classroom or training on side mount diving. 


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Rock Chef said...


Really put me in the mood for my visit to Malta next month! Not that I will be diving, of course...

Ken said...

Water looks just like I remember.

Unknown said...

Cool, is that camera on your head????

Unknown said...

I would like to catch a little whale and keep it as a pet.

terri said...