Time to Pack

Or at least time to organize.

It is so strange that I have not been billed for my villa yet. I rent this place from a friend at summer low season cost. That is a big savings from high season rates.

At first the owner required a deposit, contract and full price. Then he saw how I left the place, payment always on time, and how well I got along with the groundskeeper.

So he dropped the deposit, lowered my rate, and just kept it on a friends and family basis.

This year I requested an invoice 45 days out as usual and he said he would get to it.

30 days out I reminded him again and he promised an invoice.

A few weeks ago I called him and he laughingly apologized for not billing me and said you are in and he has just been slack about billing because I am the last person in the world That wouldn't pay the bill.

One week out and the invoice is still open.


Ken said...

Must be tough for a planner not to get the plan going on plan.

Unknown said...

maybe he's gonna pay YOU to be there.

terri said...

He completely trusts you. That's nice. I'm sure you'd be worried if he hadn't confirmed you were in.