A wReggie Day

About 63 today and it felt like 80.

I tweaked my dive gear some. Believe me...this looks messy and it is, but I am making headway.

I fed the animals. It is so muddy up at the barn.

I cleaned up dog dooky.

I rigged up my two quiet 2000 watt generators to supply me 4000 wats for the RV. Now I can carry each easily and have AC in the summer when I travel.

I saw the webcam was down and reported it to Wendy. She drove into town and fixed it. Otherwise she would never have noticed.

I stained a curtain rod and holders for the screen room's new East Curtain.

I spread fertilizer in the yard.

I cleaned the cobwebs in the screen room and watched a bit of The Daytona 500.

These are the curtains I am going to hang on the driveway side. It will give us privacy and reduce breeze in cold weather. Plus it will look cool.

I am tired.


Ken said...

Dude! And all this while being mentally on vacation? I think this is really the vacation from your vacation.

Unknown said...

Hell, I'M tired now.

terri said...

You worked hard!

Rock Chef said...

Far too busy for me!