Special Things

Some things take a lot of effort and planning to get to me, and I appreciate it more than they know. The top 5 things are:

1. Coffee - burlap bags on a donkey and shipping and roasting.
2. Lea & Perrins Worchestershire Sauce - don't know what the hell is in it but keep making it until I die please.
3. Bananas - the soft fruit.
4. Bourbon - nuff said.
5. Direct TV - a machine 25,000 miles above beaming me football.


Rock Chef said...

Regarding Worchester Sauce - over here it has to have a sell by date on it but the people that make it say that it can never go off and actually gets better with age. I don't remember there being anything bad in it either.

Ken said...

...and WD-40.

Unknown said...

So I guess you would be in Heaven sitting on a couch watching the TeeVee with an Irish coffee in one hand and a Worcestershire sauce coated banana in the other.

Is this correct?