Sunday has stopped raining.

I spent Saturday sorting dive gear and built a hanger for my Wet Suits, dry suit, 3 BCDs (buoyancy control device), to all neatly hang and dry equipment.

Man do I miss the ability just to throw on dive gear and walk in the ocean and dive.

Today, if I can, mud permitting, I'll put out grass fertilizer and weed control.

Then I have some very cool bamboo curtains that I want to get hung in the screen room.


Ken said...

I too will have to submit to the annual fertilization and pre-emergent weed control ceremony upon the Gods green earth surrounding my un-sold house on this day!

Also the purchase of multiple junk storage containers while I'm at it.

I'm also considering sending Phfrankie $50 this week so he will indeed OWE me $500!

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Nourish the land man.

I have managed to keep my financial affairs unencumbered with said Bondo.

terri said...

There are still mountains of snow here. There's nothing much that can be done outside. I miss being outside.