Yep...did it

A technical dive with real tech divers. It was thrilling.

Seas were rough around 5 feet with frequent swells. It don't matter...we are tech divers.

The currents exhausted me.

I managed to perform my tasks....some were very clumsy.

On a different note, Keith the fellow in the blue shirt is a familiar homeless person. He has mental illness but is friendly.

Any hoo, every day when the dive boat comes in we fill up big barrels with water to rinse off our gear. Keith takes this opportunity to bathe.

He washes his hair, then uses a tee shirt to was the rest of him self and rinses with a spare plastic bottle. Then he had washes some clothes for tomorrow. He just continues to take clean water with the plastic bottle. It's not like he is bathing in the barrels.

Clever I say. We just worked around him.


Ken said...

I like Keith.

Rock Chef said...

Hm, I guess you could pick a worse place to be homeless!

Unknown said...

What about him's underpants??