My feet Are Warm

Yesterday...after almost 4 weeks...we got the insulation sprayed in the crawl space.

Right off the bat I can tell you it is far superior to the old school batting that was there. The house is evenly warm and there are no drafty spots.

All of this cost about $14,000 with insurance picking up all but $2,700. I had to pay for the upgraded spray on foam and the deductible.

No more dooky under the house, a clean and new vapor barrier on the ground, and new insulation.

The casualty in this is that my home owners got canceled for two claims this year...this one and another incident with Tanner.


Ken said...

Got to love a good insurance cancellation story! It's just how they roll!

terri said...

So you've been paying homeowner's insurance faithfully and on time for what? 20 years or more? And you get can get cancelled for a couple of claims in a year. I'm willing to bet the sum total of your insurance payments far surpassed the total of your claims. What a racket.

Rock Chef said...

Insurance is a terrible racket, but at least you got things fixed.

Time to look to another company perhaps?

Unknown said...

Is that Ken's foot?