I'm legal

I was up early with the morning sun. Three little birds came to my door step and said, "Don't worry, about a ting, every little ting, is gonna be alright".

And it was true. I made my dive plan. 100 feet for 17 minutes to kill lion fish. Then ascend to 60 feet for 17 minutes where I was to deploy a lift bag. Then ascend to 15 feet for a decompression stop. 39 minutes and it is over.

The dive was executed without any hiccups.

I found out is is common among side mount divers to get meat pinched off of both thumbs.

I got my cert card in the afternoon and now I too can breathe the evil voodoo gas just my showing my card.

On a side note, the second dive was skills. One drill was out of air. I signaled I was out of air and the instructor hands off a regulator to me. I take two breaths and it goes dry...no air. I gave him out of air signal for real and I grabbed my good regulator under my chin.

It turns out that his hose was crimped. Before he found that out he tore down the regulator at 50 feet trying to determine what the cause was.


Ken said...

Oh My!
This is not a comment, it's just an exclamation.

Unknown said...

I have it on good authority that every little ting is, in fact, gonna be alright.