The Off Season

It is the off season for tailgating, football, and just about anything fun.

We have been in the grips of shitty weather all week. Here there is cold drizzle daily. Can it be more gloomy?

Finally, this week, I was visited by the chicken of depression.

That little voice in my head is screaming, "Pull up! Pull up!" And so I did.

I often cook when in a funk. Last night I recreated and improved some sliders ( I hate that term for little hamburgers) that I hoovered up down on the island.

I caramelized a big pile of onions and garlic. Then sliced dill pickles for the bottom layer. I buttered soft dinner rolls and toasted them while cooking thin, small burgers with cheese.

I stacked it all up with some mustard and popped open a beer.

Heaven I tells ya, simply heaven.


terri said...

It's starting to feel like the chicken of depression is knocking on my door too. Winter has reached the point where it feels endless here. Lucky for me, I have visiting kids this weekend, bowling with the gang, and a surprise 50th birthday party to attend. That will take the edge off the frustration with the cold and snow.

Your sliders sound delicious. I might have to make some this week.

Unknown said...

I call it The Void. This is the period of time between the last strike of the World Series and the first pitch of spring training.
That first pitch comes today at 12:05 in Scottsdale, Arizona and into my ears via radio.
You could always just bitch slap that Chicken of Depression.

Ken said...

I think you just lingered too long on Short Cox.