December and January are gone. Two months of cold and dark are history. We are half done with the dreariest of seasons. Rejoice!

Today is one week from when I annually cheat winter just for a week. In one week I will feel warmth, sweat, sunshine, warm sand, warm water, flowers, grass, green foliage, and the bluest waters.

Today I pack. Most of the dive gear is done and now for the carry ons.

These are happy times for my people.......haters of winter.

In a perfect world I would dwell there from mid November until April 1.

But today I hoard animal food and prepare for the house sitter.


Unknown said...


Unknown said...

Will you shoot three lion fish for me please?

terri said...

So excited for you!

We planned a spur of the moment vacation this winter (finally!) St. Croix was not in the cards with our short time frame, but maybe I'll start checking out prices for next year. I've heard so many good things about it from you, how could I not want to go?