A Funeral

I went to a funeral today for a client of 25 years. It was in a very old cemetery and to make it better, it was in an ornate Mausoleum.

The darn place was spooky, very cold on a 70 degree day, smelled like flowers, and I was surrounded by hundreds of old dead bodies.

We stood in a rotunda and the body of the deceased was in a lighted alcove.

The music was provided by a fellow in Scottish garb, playing a bagpipe loud as hell echoing off the marble slabs. It is strange because that is so Presbyterian having bagpipes, yet they were Catholic, and the service was performed by a Methodist pastor.

The coffin was draped in a US flag since he was a veteran.

Then the funeral director stepped up and handed the flag on behalf of the President, and I swear he looked and talked like Sam Elliot. Give him a hat, a horse, and a gun, and he could step into a western.

Tombstone 2.


Ken said...

Sam would NEVER wear a kilt! Ever!

Unknown said...

Since when is Ken a Sam Elliot expert?