Final preparations are underway for St Croix.

One issue I've had is I wanted the ability to call the iPad on my refrigerator so that I can see my dogs when I am 1500 miles away.

This iPad is my old iPad 2 with a magnetic strip on the back. This iPad allows me to watch TV from Direct TV while in the kitchen. It also makes a dandy FaceTime portal.

What I did is create a unique Apple ID for this which is

So, if you want to video call me in the kitchen then just plug in that email to you FaceTime app and we'll talk.

I fully expect to hear from Bondo as soon as he sees this.....I hope so. Hell, Phfrankie and I could cook together.


Ken said...

Maybe you both can wear moo moo's and face chat the mornings away comparing recipes. Please video if you do, please!

terri said...

I wonder how your dogs will react to you talking to them from the window on the refrigerator. We tried making Lucy FaceTime with Brad, Heather and Dacotah, but she wasn't too keen on looking into the phone.