Final Days

Friday was awesome. It started with an AM dive with SCUBA. This is the largest dive boat on the island and the one that leaves out of Christiansted harbor.

It was a non eventful ride out as we watched for whales. We were headed east as far as this boat goes to a place I had never dived before.

Once down, I was tweeted out...had my gear dialed in and was very comfortable on a 100 foot drive on a site called North Star. I floated effortlessly in the weightlessness.

My camera unknown to me was set on time lapse. This shot is from my right tank pointing backwards drifting over the deep wall. I was jut dangling the camera to the rear and later discovered all these pictures.

Later on the second dive I encountered two very large Lion Fish. I shot the biggest first and unfortunately got a body shot in the organs. I was hoping for a head shot.

This fish was strong and surprised me with his kicking strength. He was too big for me to disarm by clipping off the sharp and venomous spines so I opted to drive him in the sandy bottom and twist the trident spear tip to inflict as much damage as possible so the shot would be fatal.

As soon as I started this maneuver he bucked and managed to pull my spear up about three feet and swam off. No worries, he will be a goner.

The second shot was a head shot and soon his head was off. A definite kill.

Saturday rolled around and it was time for checkout and time in town.

Lunch was in order and I opted for the lobster quesadilla.

Then a few beers and sightseeing on the harbor.

By 2PM it was off to the airport for a nonstop back to charlotte.

To be continued..........