I have found over the years that when my life feels out of balance, it is very possible to reset the balance in ten minutes. The key is to remember to eat a pizza unashamed, with gobs of good toppings, all washed down with a cold beer.

There now.

I had a resetting just last night.

All is right today.


Ken said...

I think a re-setting for me would be lining half a kitchen table with layers of newspaper, melting a half pound of butter, steaming 5 quarts freshly dug steamers, pour out a bowl of broth, set the broth first then butter close to the freshly steamed clams, roll up my sleeves and go for it!!

Unknown said...

I think the words, "washed down with cold beer" are the prettiest words in the English language.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

All are good.