I do not have gout, and I am grateful. I wish James Brown was alive.

I actually own a dead gazelle. It is in my dining room over my family biscuit bowl. The biscuit bowl is so cool. It was Gigi's grandmothers bread bowl.

I own a high quality AM radio. It is in the guest bathroom. No FM here.

I am blessed with ample supplies of charcoal. $5 for two bags on Labor Day each year. Normally $20.

Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life. But it doesn't make me a better man.


Rock Chef said...

A nice stack of charcoal. I was hoping to get the BBQ going on Saturday but I think the weather is against me...

Ken said...

A gazelle?
Doesn't Phfrankie wish he had a gazelle?

Unknown said...

Phfrankie wishes he had the charcoal.