Breaking News - FLOODING!

We have had a foot of snow, an earthquake, and three big thunderstorms all within 8 days. And so, the ground is saturated and can't take on another drop of water. It just has to run off somewhere.

As bad as I've always wanted a pond I knew that this one would not do.

This is the blocked drainage pipes that run under my driveway. Plugged up bad.

It was really kinda cool. But, had to go.

So I took out a big metal pole as a digging and pry stick so I could leverage the leaves out like the Jews did in Egypt....except they leveraged stones. It worked.

Within minutes the level was dropping and the discharge was flowing on the other side.

And that concludes our special report.


Ken said...

I really LIKE this kind of blogging stuff over know?

No gadgets involved and you easily sorted out a problem man has had forever, mother nature.

I'm proud of you!

Unknown said...

You are not unlike King Solomon.