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So we're at the airport by 2, cars dropped off, and the long procession of checking in, checking bags, getting boarding passes, customs, getting bags again, then the strip down at TSA all begins.

Then we get all settled in the gate and wait. And wait. No plane. Finally the plane arrives 90 minutes late and pre boarding is set. Then the announcement, the fight is cancelled and will resume at 10 AM.

This is when pre planning and knowing good locals pays off. No ride, no house, no food for the night with an island of very limited resources. It's not like we can call a cab and stay at the airport Hampton Inn. Neither exists. All hotels here are small and long booked and the three resorts are far away. The cabs have all gone home. There is no central dispatch.

Fortunately pre planning covered this event and our agency Vacation St Croix had identified a vacancy and I called and they went into action.

Centerline car rental had just three cars left and we got two. We drove to the opposite end of the island, checked in, then went to the Casino for forage for food. By now it was 11 PM and the Casino was the only thing open serving food.

We awoke early and we got our first look at the place. High in the hills with a north and south shore view.

Nice pool and grounds.

Fancy outdoor gardens and fountains.

Nice outdoor kitchen.

Oh, if I only had time just to sit here.

But we didn't. We had to go to the airport and repeat paragraph one. It flew an hour and a day late.


Rock Chef said...

Maybe you can get back to this place sometime?