Are You At Your Desk?

I get this question a lot from a select "old school" group of clients that somehow think that I can't work unless I am sitting at my desk in my leased space talking on my leased phone surround by old school office noise with a suit and tie on.

The truth is I use the same computer and phone at work and home. Same Internet and same phone signal. The only difference is my location yet that bothers some folks. So if I am at Starbucks sipping a latte (Wreggie doesn't do that) I am just as equipped as if I am sitting at my "desk" drinking rot gut office coffee. Stop asking the question of where am I and ask me the real question.

I have joined the social networks Facebook and Twitter.

Twitter was mainly to keep up with the training camp of the Carolina Panthers. They have someone on the sideline with darn near a live feed and I like to know what is going on. Other that that I don't care what you are doing.

Facebook is different. I have reconnected with some old friends and realized why a lot of people I chose to disconnect a long time ago. I love the banter from everyday folks I know or knew in an earlier life but grow tired of all the "Farmville" crap whatever than is.

I have been defriended twice from two females I knew from the past. Both are Joan Biaz type hairy armpit liberals and they just couldn't bear to know someone with a polar opposite opinion was connected to them by electrons. I don't spout off any more than they do. Oh I take an occasional shot over the liberal bow but no harm is intended. I guess they thought I would have "got my mind right" in the last 30 years. Oh well...I miss them.

Some people on Facebook are eternally optimistic. I don't buy that. Sometimes things suck and that is okay. That's life.


Judy said...

I don't get the farmville stuff either. I have been sent cows and all and I just hit ignore. Otherwise I enjoy facebook!

TerryC said...

"....Joan Biaz type hairy armpit liberals...." Too frickin' funny!!

Got a soft spot for hairy armpits, do you?

"Sometimes things suck and that is okay. That's life."

Right. One of the things that bugs the crap out of me is how people are instantly sainted when they die. Like all of the crummy things they said or did as human beings gets instantly erased and they become the sweetest most generous blah blah blah....if they die unexpectedly.

It's hypocritical denial and it makes me want to gag. Life sometimes sucks and ALL people are sometimes jerks.

MELackey said...

I need to figure out how to quit farmville. I planted fields, then let them go to seed, sort of hoping the bank would foreclose on the joint. But, friends keep doing work at my farm and keeping things going. All of the gift requests are a little annoying. Who has time to do all that farming?

I heard somehting the other day that was funny. A pessimist says the glass is half empty. An optimist says the glass is half full. The third type of person is a realist. The realist says that either way, you are about to need another beer.