Here is what I know

I have never run out of content to blog about. lately I have been just too damn lazy to type.

Yesterday I bought goat meat to make goat water which is a goat stew I love from the Caribbean. One doesn't buy goat meat in the grocery store beside beside pork and chicken.

There is a Muslim market in the "ethnic" part of town where they sell allowed meats according to Islamic law. Pork is a no-no however however testicles are allowed. I saw them.

I walked in and a middle eastern man was talking passionately on the phone like he was in the heat of the biggest argument of his life. He saw me (a customer) and abruptly hung up the phone and was all smiles. He took me back to the butcher shop where I saw animal balls with a price per pound. I don't recall how much nuts are going for these day in Charlotte in case you want to do some price comparison. Then he brought out a goat carcass and I nearly fainted. It looked like a skinned dog without a head. There was very little meat. It was mostly ribs and tendons.

We decided to take a quarter of it and he tossed the carcass on the band saw table and began cutting away passionately with a whirling band saw blade just inches from his fingers.

When he was making change I noticed he was missing three digits.

The goat stew was marvelous....better than what I get on the island. Sorry Smokies.


Ken said...

I'm guessing you didn't bring your wife shoping with you that day.

That reminds me of a meat market in Samana, Dominican Replublic only no band saw, just a hatchet hacking away on top of a rusty 55 gallon drum. Oh yeah! and 25 cent pineapples as big as cantalopes two stalls down.

Jay said...

Normally I would be concerned about the missing digits and whose meat they got mixed into. But, he probably lost his in his bomb making factory in his basement.

Uh, was that politically incorrect? ;-)

Nicole Gariepy said...

Aaron made some good Goat Water for a wedding the Greek did catering for a few weeks back. Of course I didn't eat it, but those who did really liked it!

It was amusing actually, working in a greek restaurant and our two specials that day were goat water and curried chicken. I guess that the Greek-Cruzan fusion is what Papi is all about ;)

mr zig said...

at least you know the missing fingers where not in your batch of meat! lol

TerryC said...

You will still eat meat after seeing that poor creature's skinned carcass and admitting that it looked like a DOG?


Unknown said...

I think I am gonna be sick. Remind me to never look in your fridge again! I don't need to see a quarter of what looks like a skinned dead dog with no head!

Anonymous said...

Reggie that Goat Water was simply Delicious..The best I ever ever had.