Tis The Season

It's almost football tailgate time again and you know what that means....yes time to armor plate the truck like an allied hummer in Iraq.

This year I have decided to install Jimmi Jammers to deter the wild west lawlessness of downtown Charlotte. These little metal plates are bolted under the plasric door locks to offer the thieves some resistance when they decide to take what belongs to me.

Now instead of a busted door lock and the contents of my truck stolen I fully expect screwdriver pry marks around my door lock and busted windows with the contents of my truck stolen.

I may install a noisy car alarm to draw attention after they shatter my windows. I think I can get one for around $150 installed.

My hope is that if I can make my truck a little more trouble to break into then the thieves will move on to easier targets.

We have three scheduled night games this year possibly more later in the season to accommodate TV scheduling.

I'll report back after the first break in attempt because you just know it's going to happen.

The most stolen cars in NC all qualify for Cash for Clunkers.

1 Honda Accord 1996
2 Honda Civic 1995
3 Ford F150 Series 1997
4 Jeep Cherokee/Grand Cherokee 1996
5 Toyota Camry 1993
6 Ford Explorer 2002
7 Ford Taurus 2001
8 Dodge Caravan 1994
9 Chevrolet Full Size C/K 1500 Pickup 2000
10 Ford Ranger 1996


dGarry39 said...

That's essential as those crooks are very determined to take their target even in broad daylight.