I sleep very well most every night. I sleep long, deep and uninterrupted every night. More than 8 hours every night. I take naps. Yes all this and I'm not ashamed.

I read often about Americans getting by on 6 hours and how dangerous this is to ones general health. I have family members that resist sleep nightly forcing themselves to stay up to watch a shitty movie. I know of no movie that is better than the fantastic dreamland I am about to enter.

I fall asleep easily and quickly, almost at will. I wake up refreshed.

In the morning I see Facebook entries from people that were up late into the night. Good for them I suppose but I was flying around in a jet pack playing sky polo or something fantastic.

Maybe this gift is some wonderful side effect of me being an epileptic? Who knows. Right now I'll continue to bathe myself in these wonderful laid back alpha waves while I sip coffee and enjoy the morning.

Sweet dreams.


Anonymous said...

I had to have my tonsils out to sleep better. And my uvula and my nose straightened.

I sleep better, but find I can function just fine on 4 hours.

Ken said...

You are a lucky man.

I only recently have been sleeping better. 3 or 4 days a week I'll get a full night of 7 or 8, but always interupted. My normal is 3 or 4 of sleep then 2 or 3 of wide awake then back to sleep for whatever I can get.

terri said...

I'm sure all that sleep contributes to your general sense of well-being. I sleep 6 hours during the week and maybe 7 on the weekends. It's all my body will allow, but it works for me.

Chris said...

I sleep shitty every night.

I snore, or am forced to wear my Darth Vader mask, which I cannot keep on through an entire night.

I wake up feeling tired, and like somebody kicked me in the guts.

You are my hero, Mr. H. :)
You should write a book.

AmyK said...

You have been blessed. I get about 5 hrs a night. My husband usually less. He falls asleep fast but wakes up early. I am up until 2 or 3am, if not later. Even working, I would still get up at 6 and keep on going. That's how I read so much. I'm up all night. I would prefer dreamland too.

Reggie Hunnicutt said...

Wow...I am very lucky.