Powerful Peckers in Politics

We have this rivalry down here between North Carolina and South Carolina. Basically it is between two high office elected officials and just how much trouble they can get into with their penises.

Former NC US Senator John Edwards trumped SC Governor Mark Stanford's extramarital affair by admitting he was the baby daddy of Rielle Hunter's baby. How trashy is that?

Take that South Carolina. We're number one!

The power of the crotch is amazing and it doesn't seem to wane with age I might add.

I had a friend once who after three failed marriages admitted that his penis cost him more than a heroin habit.

Well...anyway...Governor...it's your move now.


terri said...

Well that definitely trumps Minnesota's having a former pro-wrestler and a creepy comedian in office.

Anonymous said...

It's always the privates that get us in trouble.

Stacy said...

that is true