Why That is Preposterous!

I took a long satisfying pull on my cigarette and inhaled deeply.

That settles it....I'm going to try it.

For 30 minutes I had been watching men flying around effortlessly on jet back packs and it looked fun to me.

I found the guy renting them and he informed me that they rented for $300 for five minutes and in increments of five minutes.

"Why sir...that is preposterous!"

Yes I said preposterous because I remember saying it.

"Sir, I could spend $300 in a strip club and be entertained all evening. You can keep your damn jet pack!" and I stormed off.

I remember making that comparison for the entertainment value of $300 too.

The rest of my dreams last night were pretty dull.


Judy said...

And all I dreamed was that I had a puppy. The head half looked like a yorkie and the bottom half was small but spotted like a dalmation. Cute but quite strange.

Ken said...

I did an ocean delivery on a crappy sailboat last night. When I anchored at the end I felt more than satisfied.

terri said...

Were you mad when you woke up because you couldn't smoke anymore?

I had a really good dream last night, but it's not suitable for blog commentary.

Anonymous said...

Just read at least five posts back...thanks for teh smiles and giggles. You are the man, arencha?

Michael said...

I rarely remember my dreams, but the other morning after Terry told me briefly about an odd dream she had, I suddenly remembered a portion of a dream.

I'd had a sex change, but wasn't sure why. I was a little worried about how it turned out, so I was avoiding looking in any mirrors. When I finally looked, I had a huge nose, high forehead, no hair (like I'd gone through chemo). I looked more masculine than I did before, just no facial hair. People kept telling me the hair would grow out and I'd look fine. I wasn't buyin' it.

I met with the doctor and he explained that the trauma of the operation was affecting my perception. What I was seeing in the mirror wasn't really what I looked like. He said, "Look at me, what you're seeing is my nose." And sure enough, he had the same big nose as the one I'd seen on myself in the mirror. Then, as I looked from him to the mirror, my face in the mirror changed. It would sort of flicker to a more refined feminine face, then the big schnoz would be back. All the time I kept wondering, "Why did I do this? I'm still attracted to women, why would I have a sex change?"

Somewhere on the periphery of the dream was a partner who I'd done it for, or something. I don't remember that part well. I do remember speaking to my parents after. They wondered the same thing and asked why I hadn't consulted them before going through with it.