Training Camp (yes I am an NFL nerd)

Yesterday was fun! I took the day off...diverted my phone...waxed up the Jeep, loaded the cooler and took a road trip.

The weather was clear and hot. I was joined by Gigi, our friend Ashlee, and my coworker Ty.

We headed down to Spartanburg, SC to watch training camp of the Carolina Panthers.

Driving in an open Jeep with 4 adults and 4 cylinders on Interstate highway is exhilarating for me. It was a challenge to maintain 65 MPH in the hilly terrain and the tire noise from tractor trailers could be deafening at times.

Once there we found a shady spot and watched while Gigi and Ashlee went off in search of autographs.

We headed back under or just ahead of a huge and powerful thunderstorm. Between the 4 of us with iPhones and Blackberries we were able to call up doplar radar and commenteries and warnings about the storm to avoid being hit. You see, I left the top back at home so I had to avoid this storm.


AmyK said...

I'm sure, for you, that race home just added to the great day. We are University of Michigan fans (rather than MSU) and Terry started taking our daughters to Ann Arbor when they ewre young to watch practices. He would also get Press Presses from a friend of ours to go the the Detroit Lion's training camp every summer for about 15 years. I saw no point in that.They are less than pitiful.

Unknown said...

Thanks for letting me tag along! You did a great job of racing the storms! I am still giddy from the practice! Let's go again!

Jay said...

Did you evaluate any of the new talent? Do the veterans look good? Any Panther I should take on my fantasy team?