Joke's on Me

The white death descended on us last night. We got about 2 inches of snow with an overcoat of about 1 inch of sleet and I am hoping that the forecast of frizzle doesn't pan out. Freezing drizzle is the worst.

I have the generators on standby just in case.

Last night Haley refused to come in. This morning Gigi walked up to the barn to find Haley in a nest of hay. She was cold and scared.

This morning I shoveled snow and this afternoon I'll need to begin hoarding water and turning on heaters to keep it liquid for the horses. The next few nights are going to be in single digits.

This week is supposed to be cold with on and off snow...damn.

Next Saturday the high will be 87 in St Croix with a real feel of 101. The low will be 76. I like that. I will be there.


Ken said...

You got to shovel snow!
I got to push something that used to be snow which turned into a solid form with a slight hint of white to it.

terri said...

What timing! You'll be even more excited to get out of town and off to St. Croix.

Coffeypot said...

Finally, something jsut missed us here. Sorry for you, though.