Peel Back a New Layer

People often ask, "Why St Croix? Isn't St Thomas more fun? Have you been to Grand Cayman? I hear St John is beautiful. We go to St Martin. I used to go to The Bahamas."

The Caribbean is defined by a tectonic plate. We saw it rumble a few weeks ago in Haiti. The Bahamas are not the Caribbean.

St Croix is a little out of the way. It is clearly out of the line of the other islands that define the plate and is safely tucked away under the other Virgin Islands both US and British. On a clear day I can see the other islands. With binoculars I can see buildings on the other islands.

All the islands have clear water, beautiful beaches, reefs, coconut trees, and higher crime than your city. Those are facts. I compared the murder rate on St Croix with the murder rate in the worst part of Charlotte. The island clearly won. Any island would win this contest assuming it is inhabited. In my opinion it has to do the the high per capita consumption of alcohol/drugs and lack of jobs.

So I say pick an island and get to know it. Be safe by using common sense.

Every time I go to St Croix I find out new things and have new adventures. I have spent a great deal of time since my last visit pouring over Google Earth. I have identified new places to visit and new ways to get there.

Then I look at the time I have alloted and realize that if I plan to relax at all then I'll need another trip to see all I want. Back home I figure I discover new things that I want to see and experience and include some things that I want to reexperience and you see my problem.

I keep going back.

In 9 days I can go barefoot and cut fresh flowers in my yard. I will feel warm sunshine in my face. Just for a week.


Ken said...

You have got to figure out how to give yourself a three week vacation on the island.

Rock Chef said...

I think it is great that you have found a place that you love so much - why change?

terri said...

I agree with Rock Chef. When you find something you love so much, why bother looking elsewhere? It's the same reason we stay in the same condo every year when we go to Bayfield, WI. We get a precious few days in a beautiful place once a year. There are new things to see and experience every time we go back.

Judy said...

St. Croix has so much natural beauty. And yet there is plenty to see and do. I love that it all is familiar to me now.

Coffeypot said...

Can you bottle some of the weather and send to Woodstock, GA? Thanks in advance.

Liv said...

uncle wreggie needa take liv wif him.